Everyone here is very caring and understanding when it comes to personal life unexpected delays. Example is working around my schedule so I can be with my kids when I do not have a babysitter. I’m very thankful and really appreciate the flexibility they allow for me to work here.

All areas have their own skills that we mesh together and work as a family not just as individuals!

Always friendly and clean, I absolutely love this place.

Beautiful building, great people.

Leadership continually strives to find ways to make this a great place to work, to include all members of the team, and to find fair solutions if team members are having problems with each other.

I love that this company has great Mission, Vision and Values that help us determine the next best step.

I believe that the company itself has the best interest of the employees in mind.

For the most part, the teams in all areas work really well together. Working with the people on the floor is like working with family.

Coworkers are the best! The administrator is very smart and willing to fill in where needed. Has a good outlook on the ”big picture”. Seems to really care about workers and residents. The DON works hard and makes good decisions.

We are given opportunities that most companies would not give.

Being able to sit down and have a genuine conversation with a resident or coworker always brightens my day.

They truly care.

Everyone is very happy to help you if you need help.

Brookestone is very involved and almost everyone gets along with other employees.

The dedication from the whole team is remarkable. The Mission, Vision, and Values radiate through our facility and translate to the care that is provided. The quality care is really top notch! So thankful that I get to work here.

The people and the teamwork make this place stand out in the best way possible!

Connections made with residents are personal and meaningful.

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