Brookestone View Planning and Preparations

Brookestone View, in Broken Bow Nebraska will be the culmination of a two year selection process that the board of directors for the Jennie M. Melham Memorial Medical Center embarked. The board led by Michael Steckler, Administrator, selected Vetter Senior Living as their “provider of choice” as the hospital began their transition out of long term care.

Brookestone View is located on 4 acres of land just to the north of the Melham Medical Center. This adjacency will ensure the continuation of quality health care for both acute and post-acute patients, as well as long term care residents in Broken Bow and the surrounding area. The land is situated on one of the highest points in the Broken Bow community with amazing views of the Melham City Park, pasture lands and the renewable energy strategies to the north. These memorable views, combined with the quality that has become synonymous with Brookestone and Vetter Senior Living, became the spring board for the name of this new care community…Brookestone View. This new name will connect the reputation of Vetter Senior Living with the heritage of the Broken Bow community in a distinctive manner.

The design concepts of this new care community are rooted in the rural heritage of Broken Bow and in central Nebraska, while embracing the progressive nature of skilled nursing in long term care and short term, post-acute rehabilitation. The design of the building embraces a variety of levels of engagement and privacy including households, neighborhoods and the village commons.

The cornerstone of the resident and patient experience at Brookestone View is the resident room. The sixty residents and patients will have their choice of thirty-nine private rooms, three deluxe private rooms, six deluxe companion rooms or three traditional companion rooms. Each room option is provided in response to individual health care needs, financial considerations and privacy choices. Each resident room will be provided with flat screen televisions, wireless technology, individual temperature controls, customizable beds and a bathroom designed for accessibility and independence.

The resident rooms, which are the most private of all the amenities within Brookestone View, are grouped into 18 and 24-resident “households”. The households are designed to maximize Quality Care and Quality Life for the resident experience. Each household is supported by permanently assigned team members who provide the quality nursing care to patients and residents. The smaller scale of these households enables the care-giving team to build strong relationships with residents and their family members. Each household includes clinical support areas, a bathing spa and a living room that encourages social connections among residents.

The residents and patients within the households come together in “neighborhood” dining settings of no more than thirty. These dining venues will provide great opportunities for food, fellowship and fun for residents and team members alike. Much like the farmhouse heritage of central Nebraska, the dining room and “country kitchen” will become the hub of activity at Brookestone View. In addition to dining, the residents will share in neighborhood activities found within the Life Enrichment Studios. Each neighborhood studio will be designed to encourage exploration, experimentation and innovation, while fostering abilities, and new relationships.

The resident neighborhoods are connected by a “village commons” or town square. All of the public or common areas, as well as team member offices are accessible off of the village commons. Upon entering Brookestone View, residents and guests will discover an ice cream and coffee shop to satisfy their sweet tooth. This relational hub will be a key space for connecting with residents, families and team members alike. A therapy gym will be located just off of the front entry and will provide an environment for rehabilitation, restoration and wellness for residents and patients residing at Brookestone View, as well as for those coming for out-patient therapy support.

In the opposite direction from the front entry, residents, guests, family members and the community will encounter an all-faiths chapel. This space will be dedicated to the spiritual enrichment within Brookestone View. The Life Enrichment team will work closely with local clergy to provide a variety of spiritual and religious growth opportunities within the chapel.

Next to the chapel, the design of the building includes a multipurpose, community room for large gatherings. This space will accommodate celebrations, movie events, holiday meals, educational opportunities, Husker football parties and many more activities for residents, patients and the community. This community room will also provide the necessary space for team member orientation, training and celebrations. In addition to these community-type spaces, the village commons area will include a private family dining room and beauty shop.

Where the village commons and the neighborhoods intersect near the dining rooms, access to outdoor living spaces will be provided. The north “courtyard” will include outdoor therapy-type amenities for short term rehab patients as well as long term residents who desire exercise. The east courtyard will also provide access to the outdoors, but with an emphasis in peace and relaxation.

The design of the architecture will be complimented by an interiors motif that captures the essence of Nebraska. The natural brick, stained wood siding, horizontal lap siding and shed dormers will reflect the rural nature of the Broken Bow heritage in a progressive way. The Broken Bow culture, and more specifically the Nebraska heritage, will be emphasized in the interior décor of Brookestone View. Central Nebraska photographs and artwork will be the center piece of the interiors concept that will encourage residents and patients to reminisce as they connect with team members and loved ones.

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